Kerrie Ann Gardner | Jurassic
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Sunrise from Beer, Devon.


When I made my way to Beer, in eastern Devon, at 3.30am on a May morning, the sky was full of promise. Light, fluffy clouds hung above me in the night sky and I was convinced that sunrise would be good. It was a low tide, so I knew I could make it along the cliffs away from the pebble beach without too much difficulty (although to say I was apprehensive about standing under the cliffs is an understatement. At some points I was utterly terrified.)

However, once I reached a suitable location a huge band of cloud rolled in. I was very disappointed as I knew this would completely change the sunrise, if not obliterate it completely. Herring Gulls and Cormorants circled above me, reminding me of Pterosaurs in the half light. But I waited, just in case any light made it through.

It was lucky that I did, because the sunrise I did witness was full of atmosphere. A coral band of light punctuated the horizon while below me the clear sea water lapped gently at the shore.


June 28, 2015