Kerrie Ann Gardner | Shimmering
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Colmer's Hill at Sunrise.


Colmer’s Hill is essentially just a hill with some trees on the top on the outskirts of Bridport. However, something about it inspires a number of local artists and photographers to try and capture its essence. (Myself included.) This might be due to its proximity to the charming Marshwood Vale. In fact, it’s shape and situation has a distinct similarity to Glastonbury Tor and the surrounding Levels in Somerset. As such, it could be described as Dorset’s very own ‘Isle of Avalon’.

This photograph, in part, was a complete coincidence. I did plan to visit Colmer’s Hill for sunrise. However, when I reached the neighbouring Quarry Hill, another photographer was already perched and waiting. In order to not disturb him, I dropped down towards a large tree I could see. At that point, I didn’t have any particular image in mind, I just wanted to get out of the other photographer’s way. Shortly after, a line of sheep started to move up through the field ahead of me, shimmering in the early morning sunlight. That’s when I realised the potential of my new location on the lower side of the hill. The tree’s branches were silhouetted against the sunlight and created a natural frame for the image and the spacing of the sheep leads the eye up and into the scene, finishing with the iconic hill.




June 28, 2015