Kerrie Ann Gardner | Sirius
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  • Sirius' pool


January is a difficult month. The days are short and the nights are cold, long and relentless. But there is a sliver lining. When the sky is clear, the long nights allow ample opportunity to stargaze.


On this evening the stars were so bright it seemed remiss not to go out and capture them. So, I left our house and walked. I soon found myself at the base of an old oak tree which had a large puddle to its side. I could see the starlight gleaming in the water, so I set my tripod and camera up to see if I could photograph it. I was really pleased with the result. One of Winter’s most prominent constellations, Orion, was hanging above, and our brightest star, Sirius (sometimes known as the Dog Star) was clearly reflected in the water.


January 14, 2016