Kerrie Ann Gardner | Pathway
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Dorset, woodland, golden, dawn, sunrise, landscape, stunning


Sometimes, it’s not the photograph I originally set out to capture that steals the limelight.

This image is a perfect example. After waking up at the crack of dawn in order to photograph the sunrise, I was somewhat underwhelmed by what I saw. I had expected thick mist and bright colours. Instead, I discovered no mist whatsoever and watched frustratedly as the sun rose from the horizon with sleepy disinterest. No brilliant flourish, no coral laced clouds; just a simple orange orb floating into the sky. Pretty, yes – but not really what I was after.

However, as I was up and had a camera with me, I decided to take the long way home on the off chance that I might find something a little more interesting along the way.

That’s when I entered the woodland.

I turned a bend and there in front of me was a moment of pure magic. The sunlight, which had started so feebly, was now radiating through the trees, adorning the road ahead in luxurious gold light, as if, somehow, all the gold in England had replaced each little leaf.


August 16, 2015