I’d like to blame the weather for the lack of mine recently. Motivation that is. Staring out at a never ending sky of grey does nothing for my get up and go. In fact, it does quite the opposite. So, for the past few days, I have done absolutely nothing at all.

This, I know, is terrible. Very terrible. Lots of tut-tuts and head shakes for me.

But there is hope! This morning, when the sun actually decided to make an appearance, I pulled on my wellies and decided to go outside. Out into the big wide yonder that lies outside everyone’s front door.

Heading south, which means going uphill from our house, I immediately felt better. Walking seems to have that effect. It’s as if it loosens all your thoughts and rolls them out in front of you, reminding you of your route. It also allows you to see things, if your eyes are wide open and ears pricked.

Unfortunately for me, mine were not.

As a result, I very nearly missed the three Roe deer that were standing in the field next to me. In fact, if they hadn’t had made a run for it, I doubt I would have seen them at all.

Sadly, almost as soon as I’d clocked their gentle, hazel bodies, they were gone, merging into a distant hedgerow like secretive shape-shifters, all at once comprising of nothing more than bare twigs and bark. I strained my eyes to view them again, but their disappearance was total.

But it didn’t matter. Within a small half an hour I felt better than I had felt during all those days of nothingness. No amount of indolence, no matter how self-indulgent, could ever inspire me like a simple walk in the countryside.

I returned home a much happier, if slightly windswept, human being.