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Author:Kerrie Ann Gardner

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Shapwick Heath Starlings


I had a camera, yet to stop would have lost too much time. Instead, I rushed through a nature reserve on my bike, as fast as my legs would spin: breathless, heart pumping, manic. Surya was by my side. The sun was setting. The sky was...

Burrow Mump Starlings Somerset.


As I made my way towards Burrow Mump in Somerset, I had thought of starlings. I knew that a little further north was where they congregate during the winter; vast numbers that will, when the conditions are right, dance together in the sky in huge,...

Durdle Door

The Door

Before you go any further I should probably make one thing abundantly clear: after cursing Durdle Door for being a photography mecca I found myself there at the beginning of January 2016. Even though I previously said I would actively avoid it. But I do...



I'm sure I'm not the only photographer to experience it. Picture the scene; it's beautiful. The light is behaving superbly. Views that would normally seem mediocre, or even ugly, are suddenly transformed into priceless gems. The whole world is breathtaking. Every direction bathed in splendor,...



It has been forecast. My mum texts to confirm. As we sleep tonight, the clouds will gather silently above our heads and when we wake, the world as we know it will be transformed. Morning. From bed, I focus on our curtains, assessing for a hint of...

Roe Deer


I'd like to blame the weather for the lack of mine recently. Motivation that is. Staring out at a never ending sky of grey does nothing for my get up and go. In fact, it does quite the opposite. So, for the past few days,...


Durdle Door

A few years ago, I saw a photograph. It was a good photograph. In fact, if you Google: 'Durdle Door Sunrise' chances are you'll probably see it too. It was taken by a chap called Peter Spencer. In it, a ray of sun is shining through...